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An American dies from cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds. But, preventive cardiology imaging can reveal heart health problems, and it might just save your life. At Cardia Vision, LLC. in Bellevue, Washington, board-certified radiologist Kimberly Brockenbrough, MD, offers on-site heart imaging using a state-of-the-art CT scanner that can reveal problems long before you have symptoms. Learn more by calling the office or booking online.

Heart Health Q & A

What are the symptoms of poor heart health?

Heart disease can take many forms, with common warning signs that include:

  • Chest pain (angina)
  • Chest pressure 
  • Tight feeling in the chest
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Lightheadedness 

Atherosclerosis — accumulation of cholesterol and other fatty substances inside your blood vessels — often develops slowly, which means it may not cause obvious problems until you're in crisis, like having a heart attack.

How can I improve my heart health?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States today, but you can take control of your heart health, starting with preventive screenings. 

Men age 50 and women age 60 should undergo cardiology screening as soon as possible. Schedule your screening 10 years earlier (age 40 for men, age 50 for women) if you have any of the following risk factors for heart disease.

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Family history of heart disease

A cardiology imaging test shows damage inside your heart blood vessels, including the most subtle signs of early damage. Through this test, Dr. Brockenbrough can diagnose heart disease and help you start preventive measures right away. 

Common ways to improve heart health include eating a healthy diet, reducing high cholesterol, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and taking medication where needed.

What happens during a heart health screening?

At Cardia Vision, LLC., a Cardia Vision Scan is a form of cardiology imaging called a coronary CT angiogram. During your Cardia Vision. Scan, Dr. Brockenbrough injects a contrast dye into a vein in your arm. 

An X-ray highlights the contrast dye in your heart blood vessels. This shows areas of blockages and buildup. This kind of scan uses little radiation and is a fast and safe procedure. 

Because a coronary CT angiogram shows your blood vessels in great detail, it’s an extremely useful diagnostic tool. Through this scan, Dr. Brockenbrough can detect problems that might eventually cause heart disease or a heart attack long before they cause symptoms. 

Heart disease and heart attack are almost always preventable, and Cardia Vision. can help you take charge of your heart health. Instead of becoming a statistic, embrace better heart health by calling the Cardia Vision, LLC. office or clicking the online appointment maker.