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Cardiology imaging tests, like coronary CT angiograms, are among the most important tools that adults have for preventing heart disease complications like heart attacks and death. At Cardia Vision, LLC. in Bellevue, Washington, the only CT angiogram screening practice in the Seattle area, experienced radiologist Kimberly Brockenbrough, MD, offers preventive imaging to help you identify problems in the early stages. With cardiology imaging, you can save your life or the life of someone you love. Call the office or click the online scheduler for an appointment.

Cardiology Imaging Q & A

What is cardiology imaging?

Cardiology imaging refers to any imaging test designed to obtain images of your heart. At Cardia Vision, LLC., Dr. Brockenbrough focuses on preventive heart care using coronary CT angiograms, or Cardia Vision Scans. 

Dr. Brockenbrough conducts coronary CT angiograms on-site with a 128 detector CT scanner. This state-of-the-art technology uses the lowest possible amount of radiation, performs the quickest scans, and generates the most detailed 3D images of the heart. 

How does cardiology imaging work?

In a coronary CT angiogram, Dr. Brockenbrough administers intravenous contrast dye through a vein in your arm. You also receive medication to help you relax, but you’re awake and able to communicate with Dr. Brockenbrough during the procedure.

The contrast dye appears on X-ray images, revealing areas of blockage in your heart vessels. With this highly detailed imaging, Dr. Brockenbrough can see atherosclerosis — cholesterol and other fatty deposit buildup inside your blood vessels — in even its earliest stages.

Dr. Brockenbrough personally reviews your coronary CT angiogram with you, and she welcomes your spouse and family members as well. 

Can a calcium score CT scan show artery narrowing? 

A calcium score is a heart scan without contrast dye. This type of heart scan looks for calcifications, calcium buildup that occurs with late-stage atherosclerosis. 

Although a calcium score can tell you whether you have late-stage atherosclerosis, it doesn’t identify fatty or fibrous plaque, which often precedes calcified plaque. A calcium score may indicate you have narrowed arteries, but you need a coronary CT angiogram to know for sure. 

At Cardia Vision, LLC, your Cardia Vision Scan includes a CT angiogram and a calcium score.

Who needs cardiology imaging?

Cardiology imaging has emerged as an important preventive health measure. In years past, coronary CT angiograms were mainly a diagnostic tool used only after a patient was having chest pain or was otherwise in crisis. 

Today, radiology experts like Dr. Brockenbrough recognize that preventive coronary CT angiograms can help high-risk individuals get the earliest possible diagnosis. 

Healthy adults

Healthy adults should have a Cardia Vision. Scan starting at age 50 for men and 60 for women. 

Adults with risk factors

Adults who have heart disease risk factors, including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, and a family history of heart disease, need to have a Cardia Vision. Scan earlier. Men need the scan beginning at age 40 and women at 50. 

With a Cardia Vision Scan, you can find out about coronary artery disease and start treatment early. This cardiology imaging could potentially save your life.

For the best in preventive cardiology scans, trust the radiology specialists at Cardia Vision, LLC. Call the office or book an appointment online.